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Brands are stories, and no brand is too small for a story. Well-built brands tell good stories that engage customers at every point. Waiting until you are big enough to build a brand only causes recognition for your product to become distant. Brands are about aligning the visual with perception and reality.

A good strategy will show how your product or service is different from others, how trustworthy it is and how memorable it is. Brands need to be likable , able to convey their purpose, deliver on their promises and provide the best possible solution to people’s needs.

define your brand: the brand identity

Maybe you started out settling for a logo and now feel like you need to define your brand. What is your colour palette? Do you have your Logo Lock? What about a brand mark? Do you have your official typography? You are proud of your logo, so why not give it a niche and make it a real, robust identity – a Brand Identity per se.



Brand Kit and Guidelines: Your brand identity kit focuses on the visual values of your brand. Brand guidelines, on the other hand, also known as brand guidelines, are about how you want to communicate your brand in its entirety. These guidelines not only address the visual elements of your brand, but also the written and verbal elements. Because social media is such a powerful aspect of communication, more and more brands, large and small, are striving to keep their social outreach within their guidelines and rules. This discipline helps a brand grow and resonate more with its target audience.


revise your brand

So you have your brand now, and have for some time, and you love every bit of it. Yet, you feel like your brand deserves a facelift! A little polish here, a colour change there… ADD A LITTLE. A tiny detail can give your brand a fantastic new look that you can conquer the world with again.

brand extensions

Want to create brand extensions with product lines? We create product lines that have their own unique look and feel, but still run under the parent brand. The product lines should be clearly defined and fit well within the guidelines of the parent brand.

branding & marketing collaterals

You always need a fancy business card or elegant letterhead for your bills and official documents. Stamps and packaging and so much more.

Don’t fret, we CREATE!

We design brochures, menus, company profiles that appeal to just the right people. Whatever you want, we design it. With stunning designs, amazing photography and crisp content… you will not be disappointed.

package your branding

We keep it short, readable and fresh as we strive to design packaging that will delight your customers. Packaging that is so appealing that your customers will want to order from you or shop with you and appreciate your little jars and cans. Basically, we create packaging that not only makes you a part of people’s daily lives, but that they appreciate.


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