Most people use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. every day to find the products and services they need. If you are not using the latest SEO strategies for your business then you may get lost in millions of websites.

For ranking, it’s necessary to have an SEO-friendly website. Because an SEO-friendly website sends the right signals to search engines such as Google to help them connect with the right prospects which will convert them to happy clients or customers.

What Is SEO Friendly Web Design?

SEO-friendly web design is a design that helps google and other search engines to effectively crawl web pages of your website. SEO-friendly web design helps search engines index in their databases, searchers based on the topics that they are looking for.

Why Is SEO Friendly Web Design Beneficial?

Are you looking for SEO-friendly web design for local businesses? 97% of people start their business at search engines. SEO website design simply means that Google understands better of your offerings. So they send you higher quality and more qualified traffic.

Digital marketers focus on various tasks and strategies that help you get higher in search engine results. Google also gives points to sites that are easy to navigate. Sites that can be used easily on all devices are good SEO web design websites that can keep visitors engaged. It is necessary to engage people to stay longer on your site.


SEO therefore requires, and should always happen, to be considered during all creative processes. Things you should keep in mind are:-

Essential: No introductory pages.

This is probably one of the top priorities to highlight when designing a website.  Not only is it an old approach to website design, but it also doesn’t help SEO in any way.

Text design

Every designer wants all the graphic aspects of the site to be treated in detail. This is good, but it shouldn’t detract from the ease of use of the menus or headings. The headings (h1, h2, h3, etc. …) actually have a semantic value. It’s also good to note that pure graphics in and of themselves don’t make sense to a search engine.

So let’s stop and always think if there is a better solution to display more textual content in a captivating way.

Alt tags are important

Whenever you include an image on a website, you have the option of inserting an alt tag. This is an alternate description of what is rendered in the image, as shown, as well as to search engines, if not available. This text is also useful for accessibility, in fact, it is read by voice readers for the blind, visually impaired, etc. This is one of those directly controllable factors that influence the ranking of your site in the SERP.

Keywords and listening to the public

If you’ve never done this, you definitely want to search for keywords to see what your audience will think. To do this, you can use some free SEO tools or do market research among those who will be potential visitors.

It’s good to define the main theme for the site in question and do all the planning around this factor. Use the keywords that relate to that argument but do not overdo it, a reader will not like to notice that the contents are forced.

Do passive off-site SEO activities

Everything that we have talked about so far refers to the aspects that are part of the sphere of factors within the web pages. Off-site SEO, on the other hand, is the branch of search engine rankings that refers to all those activities that we cannot directly control such as backlinks, etc.

However, they are the most important parts of the whole activity and therefore it is good not to forget. However, following the instructions provided and always offering quality content, a part of this phase will be carried out automatically thanks to those who will appreciate its result and talk with friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances, perhaps by returning a link.

In addition to increasing the relevance of the page they are on, they increase the relevance in image search.


You can create and maintain an SEO-friendly website to ensure that your visitor’s products and services. For digital marketing services and website designing services, you can contact us freely.