What are Web Design Trends?

Due to the constant change in the world of marketing and web design, new trends emerge every year that guide the way in which the visual of websites is headed. In order not to be left behind, we must constantly adapt, so as not to be left with an outdated design.

Therefore, constantly dating about what is happening in our market area is essential.

Now, at this moment you may be considering creating or hiring a web design service, or perhaps renewing the web visual for your business idea, entrepreneurship, or even a personal web page for your portfolio, that is why we are going to show you and explain the 7 web design trends that we consider essential to be updated in the digital world.

Web Design trends for 2021

1.     Gradients

The gradient effect is one of the main web design trends, one that has remained since 2019 on the podium of the most used by designers, since it allows us to give our website a modern and innovative touch.

In addition, this web design trend has a great appropriation in the evolution of a website to an app, which gives it more dynamism.

2. Dimensions, depth, and 3D

This trend has been coming and going since the end of 2019, but it has undoubtedly taken more and more force, which is why it is now almost everywhere, and it has now been added to the designs that generate depth between its elements or also known as “flat designs with a tridimensional” which served as support for users who do not have access to traditional 3D. In the end, this web design trend could be as a previous trend evolved with the new one, something that without hesitation generates closeness to the user, in addition to an environment that is very friendly.

If you want to attract attention to your website from the beginning this should be one of your options, but as always it is important that you consult with experts so that your work remains at the expected level.

3. Large fonts

Something notorious in web designs that will set a trend in 2021 will be to give the necessary importance to typography within the website since many times the end-users of a website do not have the time to read or detail each tiny text that appears on the page, so impressive and large titles can solve your life, since they generate immediate attention from the recipient of the message, remember that they must be concise, an abbreviated message such as the call to action.

Having a good size in your texts, more specifically in your titles will help your website be better for the end-user, you will capture their attention faster and it will be the main reinforce of your message.

4. Dark Mode and Light Mode

A web design trend, which is not new, but it is gaining strength lately, accompanied by the possibility of making an option to activate between a light mode and a dark mode.

Focused on the trend of dark mode, what this trend achieves is to provide a more comfortable visual for users, since it allows the eyes to be less fatigued, which should be possible at the user’s choice. This trend is closely associated with the world of app design, but it is also focusing on websites.

What makes this trend special is the possibility for the user to choose which mode they want to use, and how they want to view the information and that in the different modes the information is just as dynamic.

5. Content dynamics

The trend is more focused on the sections of the website where an approach is made with the client, having as the main variant the time, day, place and even the weather of the exact moment the user arrives at your website, therefore you will have a better experience about it.

This trend can be seen a lot on sites like Netflix and Amazon, but it can be applied to any website, even if it is in a small detail that makes the user feel that this website was created especially for him, this will give a more personalized experience so it will generate more remembrance in your mind.

It could be applied in a more useful way in e-commerce since they can take over the customer’s searches to be able to offer a more unique experience.

So, do you think it is important to follow web design trends?

Like everything else, it’s a matter of taste, from a design point of view, why? Because what trends do is focus markets or items towards the future and that is where you decide if you are in a good position, avant-garde and modern.

However, in web matters it is a conversation that you must have from time to time, beyond web design trends, since a website must be constantly evaluated, it should be measured and analyzed in order to evolve in the future.

In conclusion, the trends today are important, it is important to follow them, but remember that when implementing them you must evaluate them with your audience, because ultimately it is who the web was created for, not for you, you must use them wisely and focus on what is really going to work for you. Now, what are you waiting for to give a new identity to your website following these trends, do not hesitate to contact us to give you the best experience and take you to the digital world in the best way?